Join in the Mission

to Reach Our Community for Christ this Christmas Season

We are so excited to share the true meaning of Christmas with our community!

Here's a few ways you can help:


We covet your prayers for the success and fruitfulness of this incredible opportunity to reach our community for Christ. Along with your steadfast prayers at home, we hope you will join us in person as we gather to pray over this event. 

  • December 11th at 6 pm-Join us for an all church prayer meeting for the event -committing our work to the Lord and interceding for the community.


 We want to illuminate the true story of Christmas, and to do that we need...well...lights!  


If you'd like to sponsor lighting materials, we are  accepting donations for Christmas string lights! If you're looking to purchase and donate for lighting, please purchase "warm white" lights with white,  brown, or green cord. 


This is a large event with many moving parts! We have an amazing team on board, but there is always room for more! If you're interested in volunteering in some way, let us know! The following areas of this project are welcoming volunteers:


Though incredible progress has already been made, we are need of several items that will elevate our presentation! See the list below for items needed. If you have something at home that you think can be used, email Sarah Coddington or drop it off on Sunday mornings at the back entrance by the gym. Make sure you label it if you'd like it returned to you after the event!

  • Old Smartphones-these will be used to listen to the narration in cars without a smartphone or CD player (please label them with your name)

  • Baskets to display linens, vegetables, etc (for the market/village)

  • Linens and canvas cloths (neutral colors, simple patterns

  • Dried herbs

  • Large pieces of pottery

  • Large houseplants

  • Weaving loom

  • Woven blankets

  • Cauldron/Cast Iron pot

  • Old fashioned looking lanterns (battery operated, hand held)

  • Large, outdoor capable extension cords




Charlton Baptist Church,  50 Hammond Hill Road Charlton, MA 01507  |  |  508.248.4488


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