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Ministering to Youth During COVID-19

Youth Group is here for you and your family!  Though COVID has made things look a little different over the past year, we're so excited to continue ministering to our students.

Masks are not required outdoors or indoors for vaccinated individuals. Currently, the CDC says masks are advised for unvaccinated individuals for indoor gatherings. We trust that parents will communicate with their children and Youth Leaders about the best decision for their family. 

We are currently operating in our Fall Schedule which resumes on October 3rd, 2021.

If anyone is in a situation where attending youth group is not something that you're comfortable with or if it's something that you cannot do for health reasons, we will have an online option. All studies are done through RightNow Media, and we are willing and able to have a Zoom or Google meet option for students to join in from home during our study times. If this option is something your family is interested in, please let us know!

We are hopeful that as we adjust to the rapidly shifting recommendations, all involved will allow for flexibility and grace in the situation. We will continue working to facilitate a safe way for our teens to have fellowship and community. This can be hard to come by these days, and we are committed to make this available for our youth.

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