Children's Church FAQ's

We hope that you will consider having your child involved in children’s church. Children have lost out on so many group and recreational activities over the past few months. We know that kids learn Biblical truth “precept upon precept”. Now is a great time to get them back into learning God’s Word with other children on Sunday mornings.

Below are answers to some questions you may have when considering bringing your child to Children's Church. 

Who is the Target Audience?

Children preschool through 4th grade, in 2 separate programs: PreK/K and 1st-4th grade.

Where do parents drop off/check in?

ONE parent should drop off at the Single point of entry by the gym entrance. After dropping off, parents may go around to the front main entrance for the worship service. Parents will be asked a quick few screening questions and also leave their cell # upon check in. Parents will be texted if their child has a need or shows signs of sickness.

What Time is the check in?

One parent should drop their child off between 9:45-9:55 and check in. This allows time to check in and then head into the worship service (via the main entrance of the church), without being rushed or late.
*Children will be asked to wash their hands upon check in.

What time do I Pick up my child?

At the end of the worship service, pick up is at the same location as the drop off by the Gym doors around back. Parents will need to walk around the outside of the building via the main foyer entrance and head back to the point of entrance for children’s church as we are adhering to single point of entry.

What activities will the kids do?

Children will participate in a worship time, allowing them to sing, do motions and move around, while socially distanced. Children will learn a Bible verse and receive a Bible message each week in the large group setting. Children will also participate in hands-on activities and go outside (weather permitting) for no contact games. We will have back up supplies of individualized crafts for when the kids can’t go outside to play.

What about the sharing of supplies?

Each child will have their own bag with simple art supplies, and materials, that will remain at the church for only that child to use each week.

How many children can attend?

To start, we have capacity for 7 Prek/K children with 2 adult leaders. We have capacity for 15 1st-4th graders with 3 leaders. We have a target goal of serving 22 children each week, as a starting point. There will be a sign up each week (similar to the worship service sign up), so that we can plan for the number of children attending.

Will the kids get to play outside?

Yes, weather permitting, each group will have a chance for outdoor activity in the grassy area outside. No running or games are permitted in the gym without masks, per state guidelines at this time. Yet we know that children need to be able to move and play. Time will be allotted for that and for use of the outside space, whenever it’s possible.

What about masks?

According to the state guidelines for church childcare, “When children can be safely kept at least 6 feet away from others, then they do not need to be encouraged to wear a mask”.

1st-4th: We will space out our 1st-4th graders in the gym for social distancing during the entirety of the program. We will accomplish this through each child having a 70 inch long thick plastic tablecloth to sit on, which will be their “zone” and their tablecloth to use each week. This will allow children a physical and visual boundary to keep social distance. They will be able to stand, do hand motions, participate in the lesson and see others while in their “zone”☺They will have access to all their own materials individually. Our curriculum is very multi-sensory and active, with special adaptations for Covid 19 guidelines. We will go out of our way to make it a fun and engaging program that your kids will enjoy, even with social distancing guidelines.

Children should bring a mask and have it available in the event that it is needed. Parents must wear a mask at check in and pick up. Adult workers and youth helpers serving in children’s ministry must wear a mask.

PreK/K will also practice 6 feet of social distancing. They will sit on carpet squares 6 feet apart in the blue rug room. They will also have individualized materials available and a media based, sing and play worship time.




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